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    Caritas Health Policy (11/29/23)  Updated 3/1/24

    As we continue to create and share music, the board would like to remind all our members of our responsibilities to ourselves and each other. The board’s primary goal is to foster choral music-making across the community, and that requires some care as we go into the winter months.

    Most important:

    If you have a cold, the flu, covid, or any other respiratory infection, please stay home. This includes having symptoms or suspect being exposed.

    We are following current CDC guidelines regarding covid, and request that you do the same.

    A link to the CDC Guidelines is here:  To return to this page of the Caritas web site, when you are done with this link, click on the “go back one page” icon of your browser.


    Effective 3/1/24 the CDC has updated it’s Covid guidance under the title “Respiratory Virus Guidance”.  The main change is that individuals with Covid symptoms no longer have to isolate for 5 days and may return to normal activities as long as they are fever-free for 24 hours without anti-fever medication and have improving symptoms.  The link to the updsted guidelines is here:

    The prior guidance has ben archived by the CDC and is here:



    To decide when it is safe to return to rehearsal or performance after covid, please read and follow the above CDC guidelines. For other respiratory illnesses, please follow the advice of your healthcare practitioner. For the comfort and safety of others, it would be ideal to return to Caritas when the guidelines advise no further need to isolate or wear a mask.

    If you have any questions about the CDC guidelines, feel free to contact our Music Director, R. L. Rowsey.

    • We recommend, but do not require, that you share your covid status with your section leader. This will help us track any cases should there be any spread throughout a section.

    Many members of Caritas would like to be helpful if you find yourself in need. Please reach out if you would like a meal, a phone call, or an empathetic ear.

    To view or print out the CDC Guidelines, click here:  To return to this page of the Caritas web site, when you are done with this document, click on the “go back one page” icon of your browser.



    HomeChoir Link

    Formed in 2020 by energetic and personable Ben England in Bristol, UK to keep choirs singing during the covid lockdown, HomeChoir is a great online way to add some choral singing to your day as we look forward to singing together again. It’s fun, and it’s free. Just link to:



    Recently, PBS showed a wonderful one hour special highlighting the life of legendary American choral director Robert Shaw.  If you missed it, you can view it online at the American Masters website.  For an in-depth view of Robert Shaw at his best, leading one of his Carnegie Hall Choral Workshops, here is the video for his 1997 workshop, preparing and performing Mendelssohn’s Elijah.  It is worth watching.  By the way, if you watch closely you can see Jim Jirak singing in the first row of the chorus about 30 seconds into the video.

    To learn more about Robert Shaw, here is the link to the Robert Shaw website:






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