Caritas Chorale Thanks Donors

    The Caritas Chorale Board of Directors joined hosts Ross and Martha Jennings in thanking major Caritas donors with a wine and cheese reception at the Jennings home. Artistic Director, R.L. Rowsey thanked the donors present for their continuing support of the Chorale and the arts. He briefly recapped the recent Caritas Chorale concert, A Day of Hope and Light, giving those present a gift DVD of highlights of the June 2nd concert.

    Attending the event were donors: Marylyn Pauley, Ross and Martha Jennings, Ruth Jones, Heather Black, Richard and Barb Shelton, Susan Perin, Roger and Margie Gould, Fred and Gayle Bieker, Doug and Ann Taylor and Kathy Jones. The were joined by board members Richard Stahl, Judy Powell, John Miley and Joy Bond along with Executive Director, Linda Bergerson; and guests Jennifer Stahl and Cynthia Miley. R.L. Rowsey provided entertainment with selections on the Jenning’s beautiful baby grand piano.

    The evening was planned by a committee consisting of Executive Director, Linda Bergerson and Board Member Joy Bond. The weather was beautiful as was the outdoor garden setting. Elegant and delicious hors d’oeuvres were prepared by Judith McQueen.


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