Chichester 2017

    Caritas Chorale is saddened with the recent loss of singer Raul Hunt and the untimely passing of our family member John Glenn.


    At this time

    By John Miley


    I have felt the pain the sorrow

    When someone dear departs

    There’s been the overwhelming hurt

    That swells to fill my heart


    But each time a voice has come to me

    To assure me as a man

    That He has worked the whole thing out

    It’s all part of His plan


    We share each other on this earth

    We all will meet someday

    There will be reunion in His place

    It’s oh so far away


    Though your heart is heavy laden

    Don’t tarry there too long

    Remember all the good times

    They will help to make you strong


    Whatever you’ve been thinking

    Rest assured forever more

    Your maker and your loved one pray

    For your peace of mind I’m sure


    May their prayers provide the strength

    To understand and proceed

    And with the strength the will

    Of which I’m sure you truly need



    Rose in garden

    Chichester Psalms

    Ave Maria

    The Last Words of David

    Music by Leonard Bernstein, Felix Mendelssohn, Virgil Thompson

     R. L. Rowsey, Conductor

    Wood River High School Choir “Spiritus”, Max Stimac, Conductor

    Logan Pilaro, Soprano . John Mauldin, Tenor

    Joel Bejot, Organ

    Saturday, May 20 . 3 pm . Sunday, May 21 . 3 pm

    Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church . Sun Valley

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