Successful Summer Sing Workshop

    Caritas Chorale hosted Dr. Jim Jirak of Boise State University on July 20th for a choral workshop titled ‘Summer Sing.’ Dr. Jirak is a noted teacher, Director of Boise Philharmonic Master Chorale, and Tenor Vocalist for The Kings of Swing (frequent performers at the Sun Valley Jazz Festival).

    During the two-hour workshop, Dr. Jirak focused on two consistent challenges faced by singers, breathing and vowels, using several songs as instruction tools. Despite difficult and busy summer schedules forty singers attended the workshop.

    Most of the singers also participated in a Picnic/BBQ at Atkinson’s Park immediately after the workshop. ‘Burgers and hot dogs always taste better over an open flame,’ remarked several singers.

    Many thanks to Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood for hosting us in the River Room and to our accompanist R.L. Rowsey.

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